Bike rental and GPS routes at Bali Crete


Bali of Mylopotamos Crete is a small quiet touristic village 30 kilometers east of Rethymno. It is best for families and couples vacations. The name Bali is Turkish and means "honey" because there were many bee hives and good quality honey was produced here. During the Venetian occupation, Bali was called Atali. Now at the area, there is a small monastery which is called "Moni Atalis".

Bali in ancient times was called Astali and it was the harbor of the Minoan city Axos. Astali was the place where the Mythical iron giant Talos used to rest. Talos was the first (mythical) Robot. It was created from Daidalos, the architect of Knossos and everyday was running along the island. Because of Talos the mountains south of Bali are called "Talea Ori" and create a natural barrier that isolates the village from the inland of Crete.


How do I find good cycling routes at Bali Crete?

ATTENTION: Bali village is located right next to the cretan highway. Riding a bike on the highway is not allowed and it is dangerous. There is a secondary road from Bali that leads to the old road of Crete, at Exantis Village. After you reach Exantis there are many routes to follow.


Because you have to ride first to Exantis or Perama villages, we use the same routes as Panormo bike area


Is Bali good for cycling?

Bali is located in front of "Talea mountains" which create a natural barrier between the village and the rest of Crete. The only way to go east is the North Cretan Highway where cycling is not allowed. Direction west and then south except the highway there is a secondary road which leads to Exantis a small Village located on the old road of Crete. It is a 3,4 kilometers road of good quality asphalt some steep sections and no traffic at all. After Exantis village there are many routes to follow. Bali is recommended both for mountain biking and road cycling, there are various tours to follow especially after you reach Exantis and Perama the main town of the area. From here you can start also to do some of the biggest climbs of Crete up to the north slopes of Psiloritis Mountains.

All the bike tours that we provide on this page follow small and quite low traffic back roads. We avoid riding on the north Cretan high way on which cycling is not allowed.