Kafeneio, the heart of the Cretan village


Kafeneio is the place where the people of the village gather together, discuss the news, socialize. Usually they are located at the most central spot of the village or next to the main church, they are the heart of the village.

For us cyclists it is the place we dream to find when we approach a village. An oasis of coolness during a long summer ride or to drink a warm vrastari (local tea) on a cold winter day. It is an opportunity for a short break for discussions, micro repairs and rest.

Unfortunately, our villages are getting smaller and the number of cafes is decreasing. The rural population is aging and the villages are withering. It is sad to arrive at a village that used to be full of life and instead see it deserted. On the other hand, for us cyclists, the cafe is the main reason to visit a village and make a stop, especially the little ones.

We want to help both cafes to stay alive and cyclists to enjoy their stress free rides in Crete. We start to creat a bike friendly cafes and taverns network. The riders will have a place where they can rest, enjoy an authentic Greek cafe, repair their bike and then make their way back relaxed. This is a great way to support those small cafes as we recomend them to the cyclists who want to Explore Crete with a bike.


Why we do it?


During a long ride with friends in May of 2021 we had serius mechanical bike problem and we needed a 10mm allen key (the non drive side of an FSA crank was removed). There is no multi tool for bikes with a 10mm allen key and we could not fix it. We were on the mountains of Prina where there is no Car garage to ask for a tool and allen screws are not so common for the machines of the farmers. When we had decided that our friend must ride the bike with the single arm and go down to kalo chorio and wait the bus for Heraklion a farmer was coming. We asked him if he had an allen set and he had everything. He saved our ride he was our Hero.


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