Avdou Kera Apotiposi

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23 July 2016
eloundas vrouchas bike tour crete
Elounda Vrouchas
26 August 2016

Short mtb tour around 3 canyons, nice view and steep uphills

Start point
15.3 km
511m↑ / 511m ↓
Max / Min points
719m / 255m
Finish point


  • the steep uphill
  • the amazing view
  • the three canyons. Ambelou, Roazs & Embasas
  • the traditional villages Gonies, Kera & Avdou
  • the fresh water from the fountain
  • the traditional Cafe shops
  • Keras monastery
At the northern slopes of Dikti Mountains, beneath the peaks of Karfi and Louloudaki and between the villages Avdou, Gonies and Kera three canyons Ambelos, Rosa and Empasa create an amazing scenery. In the biggest canyon, Ambelos, there is a serpentine road to Kera village. The ascent is not easy, although at several sections the road is paved with cement there are many steep parts with low friction. Despite the difficulty the beauty of the landscape and the views which as we climb becomes more impressive will charm you.

The start point is the Avdou village and we ride this route counterclockwise. At the end of Avdou village on the right side there is an asphalt road with a blue traffic sign with a cyclist. Following these signs you’ll ride through the canyon.

In the canyon there is a fountain with fresh cool water to drink.

If you come to this area for first time we suggest you to visit the monastery of Kera Kardiotissa one of the most famous in Crete. According to the myth in the monastery there was a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary "Kera Kardiotissa" which the Turks stole three times and transferred it to Constantinople but the icon always return back. The third time was tied with chains on a marble pillar. When the image returned to the monastery rested on a steep rock where has left the imprint of Virgin Mary. This place is called Apotiposi (imprint) and there is a small chapel. The locals who visit the monastery wrap around their body the chain to test their faith to God.

...and explore Crete from your own!


Asphalt road

Dirt road

Single track

Carrying / pushing

Alternative route

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