CyclingCreta stared at 2000 when we started our first tours around our village.

  • 2000

    We buy our first mountain bike from a super market. Dynamics 27 gears and v-brakes, price 100.00 drachmas (300euro). We start our first tours around our village.
  • 9/2004

    With savings of many years we buy our first quality mountain bike from a shop in Athens. IDEAL race Pro alu full xtr. We begin our first tours in remote areas of Crete
  • 7/2005

    Left collarbone broken, one months without cycling.
  • 1/2006

    We meet the local mountain bike fellowship Anevolema. A new era of epic rides on the mountains of Crete and Greece starts.
  • 7/2006

    Our first super bike. Liteville 301
  • 5/2007

    We buy our first gps Garmin cx62 and one compact camera. We start to record data about the best routes of Crete.
  • 11/2007

    We have recorded several cycling tours. We print on A5 sheets our first routes and we give them to a local bike shop in Heraklion for free.
  • 5/2010

    Five broken bones in an accident. Three months in bed.
  • 8/2010

    We buy the complete bike tools set of Park tool company.
  • 9/2011

    We create our site CyclingCreta. Our Goal is to spread cycling in Crete.
  • 1/2012

    We make our first trikot. The Cretan traditional jersey.
  • 4/2012

    Our First youtube video.
  • 6/2012

    Collaboration with the Municipality of Hersonissos. We create a network of routes for the municipality. A booklet with bike tours and a map is published.
  • 11/2012

    We present hotel owner of Hersonissos our research for the development of cycling tourism in Crete.
  • 10/2013

    Cooperation with Lyttos Beach Hotel in order to create the most active sports hotel in Crete.
  • 1/2014

    Founding of cyclingcreta company.
  • 3/2014

    We buy our first cube bikes.
  • 7/2015

    We move in our new bike center inside Lyttos beach hotel.