Cycling Creta

29 May 2016
Selana round bike tour feature image

Selena round

18 May 2016
dikti mountains & lasithi plateau

Lasithi climb

14 May 2016
distance & uphill of tripiti mtb route south Crete


13 May 2016
theentrance of podilatis bikes Heraklion Crete

Podilatis bikes

10 May 2016
Stolistra & Timios Stavros summits at Psiloritis mountain

The high mountains of Crete

4 May 2016
cyclists ride fat bike from haraso to Eleousas monastery

Gouves Haraso

4 May 2016

How to choose a bike hotel for sport and family vacations

29 April 2016
uphill to lasithi plateau kritsa Crete

The great climb of Kritsa

28 April 2016
a lady cyslist in a road full of glowers at Sisi village

The best places near Hersonisos you can visit by bike

24 April 2016
the view from abas canyon waterfall Libyan sea and Treis ekklisies village

Kofinas Treis Ekklisies downhill

14 April 2016
mountain bike cassette

The right gears for cycling in Crete

10 April 2016

Crete’s greatest mountain bike climbs

8 April 2016
kofinas mountain Ai Giannis

Kofinas Ai Giannis downhill

7 April 2016
bike shorts chamois creme

Chamois cream

31 March 2016
cyclist view the south sea of crete big

Kofinas Tripiti downhill